Benefits Associated with Reusable Menstrual Cups.

27 Dec

If you are a lady, you may be familiar with the term menstrual cup or rather have an idea of what it may entail. As from puberty, females tend to have their menses each month which calls for them to use tampons or pads which are traditional methods for blood collection. In the recent past, there have been menstrual cups in the market and they refer to the flexible cup made in a way it fits the woman's vagina to collect blood during menses. It's different from the pads and tampons in that it does the collection rather than absorption.

Here are the benefits of menstrual cups.


Have you ever asked yourself where the pads and tampons used end up? Yes, it's to our environment which includes oceans and bare land and that is not safe both to our neighbors and to us. That can end up blocking the sewerage systems. However, a more reliable solution has been provided by the menstrual cups which are reusable hence reducing disposal to the environment. They are mostly made of rubber or silicone.

Saves Money.

This is one of the most significant advantages that one can get from menstrual cups at Some say that they should be replaced annually but other research shows that proper care can have them used for over a decade thus saving you the monthly hassle to spend just for menses. Yes, reusables are the way to go especially given the number of years a woman menstruates is more than forty indicating more expenses.  

Lesser Visits to The Pharmacy.

If you compared the number of times you had to visit the pharmacy when using the disposables and when using the reusables, you would be amazed at how much time you will save yourself with the menstrual cups in place.

Health Concerns.

Menstrual cups at come in rubber or silicone which are made of a material that is better for you since the disposables use synthetic and plastic material. Other products used for disposables are highly absorbent that can drain moisture off you and have you developing rashes and different reactions which is not the case with menstrual cups. 

More Time Between Changes.

The pads and tampons can last four to seven hours before they fill up depending on the flow. Here is the good news, the menstrual cups continue up to twelve hours with lower chances of leakage. To know more ideas on how to select the best menstrual cup, go to

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